Who We Are

  • Hey there, we're Nãzuk Beauty, and our story is all about tradition, transformation, and a mother's love.

    Our journey started with a simple struggle. When founder Zulmira came to the United States, she faced the challenge of hair loss. She tried all sorts of products, hoping to find one that could bring her hair back to life.

    Then, one day, someone said something that changed everything: "You have beautiful eyebrows." It was a reminder of the traditions of her Uyghur heritage, where her mother used to apply Usma grass to enhance her eyebrows' beauty. The power of this age-old secret struck a chord deep within her.

    That moment sparked a vision – to create a brand that could harness the potential of Usma grass for hair growth and overall hair health. Nazuk Beauty was born from the desire to share these precious beauty secrets with the world.

  • But Nazuk is more than just a brand name. It's a tribute to the woman who inspired it all – Zulmira's mother, Nazuk. Even though they've been physically apart since her journey to the States, the love and wisdom her mother imparted remain a guiding light. Just as her eyebrows thrived with the nourishment of Usma grass, Zulmira aims to nurture the beauty and confidence in others through Nazuk Beauty.

    At Nazuk Beauty, our mission is deeply personal. We're committed to crafting products that honor Uyghur traditions and cultural heritage, just as Zulmira's mother did. Our dedication extends beyond ingredients, encompassing sustainability, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical sourcing.

    Our belief is simple yet profound: each of us possesses a unique, natural beauty waiting to shine through. Nazuk Beauty is your partner on this journey, celebrating the beauty of being authentic, embracing our heritage, and experiencing transformation.

  • In Uyghur, 'nazuk' translates to 'womanly' or 'ladylike.' Often, these qualities are associated with fragility. However, Nazuk, the founder's mother, embodies being womanly yet remarkably resilient. She not only raised two children but also carried her strength gracefully.

    Zulmira, the founder, draws inspiration from her mother. While she may not project outward strength conventionally, she believes her inner strength allowed her to build a life in the United States. She is driven by the conviction that her persistent efforts will lead to greater success. Hence, she birthed this brand - to convey a powerful message: Strength isn't defined by appearances; beneath ladylike grace lies profound resilience and fortitude.

  • What is "Nazuk" means?

About Us

What Is Usma Grass?

Uyghur girls and girls from many Central Asia countries have a history of several hundred years of using Usma to obtain healthier and darker hair.💚 Nãzuk Beauty collaborates directly with farms in Xinjiang to bring the most natural ingredients to New York, because this centuries-old secret formula shouldn't remain a secret forever. 🌱

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Usma grass, also known as European woad, holds great significance in Uyghur culture. It has been used for centuries by the Uyghur people to enhance their eyebrows, hair, and lashes. The juice of Usma grass darkens and adds gloss to eyebrows, creating a captivating look. Its unique composition, including compounds like indigotin and isatan B, stimulates hair follicles and promotes growth. Regular use nourishes eyebrows, strengthens strands, and improves overall health. Usma grass is a traditional beauty secret passed down through generations. While integrated into cosmetics, many still prefer applying the grass juice directly.

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